About Extenda

Extenda has several lines of work. Our main objective is to foster the commercial and economic relations between Andalusia, (Spain) and the US.

We support Andalusian companies in the US market, both for companies interested investing and setting up operations and for companies interested in exporting their products and services to the US.

Since 2008 we promote US investments in Andalusia. We support US companies interested in investing in Europe, as a one-stop-shop for their needs. We give them assistance for their investment projects in Spain from their first approach, to site location trips, incentives, and many other requests they may have to make the decision to invest in Andalusia.

EXTENDA offers import traders, distributors and other professionals worldwide, promotion and information services:

  • VISITS TO ANDALUSIA with the purpose of going to business facilities and gaining firsthand knowledge of Andalusian production.
  • INTERNATIONAL FAIRS which exhibit Andalusian products in major international showrooms.
  • TRADE AND RESEARCH MISSIONS carried out by Andalusian companies in the US.
  • SUPPORT OF ANDALUSIAN BRANDS to encourage promotional activities between export traders and buyers.
  • PROMOTIONS IN POINTS OF SALE together with samplings, displays and informative seminars, with the purpose of reaching final consumers in main potential markets.
  • TECHNICAL CONFERENCES on markets which hold major interests for Andalusia.
  • SUPPORT OF REGIONAL CONVENTIONS AND CONGRESSES that have international significance.
  • INFORMATION AND RESEARCH on Andalusia's offer of products and services which provides direct answers to your inquiries.
Extenda’s Strategic Sectors IN THE US:
In the US, we focus in these industries and strategic sectors that show major potential for international growth. These sectors reflect the region’s diversification as well as industrial and technological development.

  • Food and Beverages
  • Renewable Energy
  • Biotechnology
  • Agriculture equipment and technology
  • Aeronautics & Aerospace
  • Construction materials
  • Investments
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Cultural industries
  • Spanish as an economic resource