The 7th Agricultural Auxiliary Industry Internationa Meeting takes place in Almeria

March 25, 2013

Extenda, the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia, has organized the "7th Agricultural Auxiliary Industry International Meeting", in Almeria from May 5th to May 10th.

The event has the main objective of showing the techniques and technologies that the Andalusian greenhouse producers use in the south of Spain, such as greenhouses, irrigates, fertilizers, hydroponics, water resources management and machinery.

Many importers of agricultural technology industry, distributors and retail chains specialized in greenhouse technology, from different countries (Chile, The United States, Morocco, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and Peru), have been invited to attenthd to this Meeting.

These events are carried out to help Andalusian companies to grow in their foreign markets, as part of the Internationalization Plan for Andalusia ellaborated from the Regional Government of Andalusia.

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