Showroom by Molina Flamenco Fashion in NYC

May 10, 2013

Molina Moda Flamenca, one of the best andalusian flamenco dress manufacturer, is coming to New York on May 10th and 11th

The firm will be organizing a showroom at La Nacional, 239 West 14th street, 2nd floor, in order to show its clothing collection and latest accessories.

Molina's fashion and incomparable presence together with the closing show Alegrias En La Nacional Flamenco Theater -on May 11th- makes this showroom a must-see event.

Molina Flamenco Costumes is a leading company specializing in the manufacture and design of Flamenco costumes and fashion. With more than 30 years’ experience and its very own design team, Molina keep on adding the newest trend in the Flamenco fashion industry to their handmade products as well as the newest textile technology which allows them to tailor your wishes

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