Tergum Cosmetics landing in the USA

July 30, 2013

Ignacio Cantonnet, CEO of Tergum Cosmetics and Sana Capilar, is starting a round of visits in the United States to develop its new business project in the country. 

Tergum Cosmetics is a strongly R&D-based company, composed of world class researchers in the area of natural extracts and business managers with international experience. They have developed two new products for Facial Care and for Hair Treatment, which results have been certified by CSIC (Spanish public Council for Scientific Research).

For facial care: Tergum Maximum.
Maximum is a regenerative natural product that combines natural phenols (antioxidants) with selected extra virgin olive oil which has reduced wax content, what makes it easily absorbable by the skin. This producs is first choice among professionals, specially recommended for skin regeneration, after peeling or laser treatments, dry, irritated and sensitive skin and to prevent skin aging. To prevent aging this product has shown the antioxidant power with a scientific test (ORAC - oxygen radical absorbance capacity). This is a product above average in its range of cosmetics. 

For hair treatment: Tergum Equilibrio
Tergum Equilibrio is a shampoo that has been formulated with 4 active principles in order to achieve hair and scalp balance of normal to dry hair types. It eliminates dandruff effectively with an extraordinary balancing effect. With menthol to guarantee scalp cleanness and facilitate the effectiveness of its other active principles like biotine.

Also, Tergum has set up a new project, Sana Capilar (www.sanacapilar.com), consisting of a center where unique non-chirurgical hair treatments are carried out to stop hairloss and enable hair regeneration. It is achieved by using a patented biotechnology “TERPENE EXTRACT FOR THE TREATMENT OF HAIR LOSS” exploited exclusively by Sana Capilar.

Ignacio Cantonnet has chosen Miami and New York as cities to start to grow its business, because the two cities offer great opportunities in the cosmetics sector, as they have the highest expenses in self care in the world.
If you want to obtain more info about the project, watch the video of SanaCapilar: http://ow.ly/nhsK0 and visit the websites: www.sanacapilar.com and www.tergumcosmetics.com.

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