Olive Oil Company, Oleoestepa to Visit U.S.

May 30, 2012

Renowned olive oil company, Oleoestepa will be visiting the United States between May 30 and June 21.  They are looking for importers and distributors for their wide range and variety of olive oils.

Oleoestepa was founded as a second-order co-operative in 1986. From the very beginning, its activity is focused on bottling and marketing extra virgin olive oils produced by 16 oil mills associated to the group and in charge of the oil production. Within this sector, the co-operative concentrates on high-quality olive oils, specialising in Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

The services offered, which comprise product design, producing and marketing oil according to the maxim of top quality and even technical, agricultural and managing advice to the associate, are backed up by the configuration of technical and human resources including all the different fields like AGRICULTURAL, COMMERCIAL, NATIONAL AND EXPORT, LABORATORY, TASTING PANEL, internationally acknowledged by the IOOC (Internacional Olive Oil Council), MANAGEMENT AND FINANCES.

In the vanguard of control and safety systems and respect for the environment, Oleoestepa has obtained the Quality Assurance System and Certification ISO 9001:2000 e ISO 14001:2004.

Oleoestepa will be visiting the following areas on the following dates:

New England: May 30 - June 1

Chicago: June 4 - 5

New York: June 6

Texas/ Colorado: June 7 - 12

Florida: June 13 - 15

Washington D.C.: June 16 - 20

For more information, please contact miami@extenda.es.