Canada, next step for Andalusian companies

August 15, 2012

The Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia extends its services for Andalusian companies to new markets. Covering United States with offices in New York and Miami, now Extenda expands to Canada to strengthen trade and economic relations with this North American country that has an important potential market for Andalusian exports.

All promotion and trade actions will be organized by the Extenda office in New York in collaboration with Andalusian companies. The first company to have an individual agenda in the Canadian regions of Ontario and Quebec has been Azafranes y Colorantes Naturales SL - Safrante from Malaga.

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Canadá (data source: The World Factbook)

Population: 34,300,083 (2012)
Major cities: Toronto 5.377 million; Montreal 3.75 million; Vancouver 2.197 million; Ottawa (capital) 1.17 million; Calgary 1.16 million (2009)
Ethnic groups: British Isles origin 28%, French origin 23%, other European 15%, Amerindian 2%, other, mostly Asian, African, Arab 6%, mixed background 26%
Languages: English (official) 58.8%, French (official) 21.6%, other 19.6%
GDP (official exchange rate): US$ 1.737 trillion (2011)
GDP per capita: US$ 41,100 (2011)
GDP composition by sector: Agriculture 1.9%; Industry 27.1%; Services 71% (2011)
Investment: 22.6% of GDP
Unemployment rate: 7.5% (2011)
Imports: US$ 459.6 billion (2011)
Imports commodities: machinery and equipment, motor vehicles and parts, crude oil, chemicals, electricity, durable consumer goods.
Imports partners: US 49.5%, China 10.8%, Mexico 5.5% (2011)

Info about Canada (pdf in Spanish)