Covap visits Chicago

September 24, 2012

The most important Andalusian agro-cooperative, with the collaboration of Extenda office in New York, is visiting Chicago metropolitan area to expand its international business and the wonderful flavor of its delicious Iberico meats and cheeses. Covap is one of the Spanish companies with FDA authorization to export Iberico products to USA.

Covap's products are the best Iberico meat because of a number of factors play a key role in the natural drying process: moisture levels, the direction and speed of moving air, atmospheric pressure, and daily temperature variations. This is because all of these different elements influence the development of the bacteria and fungi native to the Valle de los Pedroches, and help shape the unique ageing process which gives their jamones and paletas (pork shoulders) their characteristic exquisiteness.

The Covap jamón is the most highly-prized cut of meat. A thin, slender pork leg aged for several months, with a characteristic sweetish flavour, wonderful aroma, and streaks of fat that melt in the mouth. The paleta, or pork shoulder, is the front leg of the pig, highly valued for its juicy meat.

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